Cloud Services

ITS Agile delivers a full range of cloud services, leveraging strategic partnerships with industry leading SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS providers. Our experienced team of cloud computing experts works closely with federal agencies to define strategic roadmaps to securely move to the cloud and manage organizational change. Starting with a cloud readiness assessment, ITS Agile reviews existing infrastructure to assess your agency needs, develop a customized cloud solution to migrate your data and applications, and manage your infrastructure.

Cloud Strategy & Security Assessment

ITS Agile provides an assessment of current capability, gap analysis and a strategy for Cloud adoption and migration. While security is legitimate concern, Cloud platforms are and can be engineered to be more secure than traditional on-premise infrastructures. Our experts in Cloud security have delivered on FISMA High-High-High environments. Cloud strategy & Security assessments along with a roadmap for eventual enterprise transformation in terms of processes, infrastructure and Security is a key capability.

Hybrid Cloud Design & Engineering

ITS Agile designs, builds and delivers innovative, scalable and resilient Multi-Cloud hybrid environment, integrating on-premise and cloud platforms from AWS, Azure and Google. Addressing concerns of vendor lock-in and leveraging innovations from multiple cloud platform providers is a key enterprise objective. While these remain desirable enterprise goals, concerns around environment integration and management often prevent organizations from realizing these stated benefits. Our hybrid cloud designs are built around standard infrastructure software and management tools, often providing a single pane of glass management capability to the hybrid environment.

Migrating Application and Workloads

ITS Agile refactors, rearchitects and migrates existing applications, workloads, data and capabilities to the Cloud environment and create innovative new solutions built to be Cloud Native. Public cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud are technology innovations that can help shorten the traditional acquisition and deployment processes and bring in economies of on-demand scale, while significantly outsourcing certain amount of enterprise operations. But if organizations can’t migrate efficiently, it limits their ability to leverage new technology platforms and increases the risk of platform lock-in. Our Cloud migration process builds on our agile roots to deliver an agile cloud migration process that delivers with a high fidelity to enterprise technical and business goals.

Cloud Infrastructure Implementation

ITS Agile leverages and delivers PaaS and SaaS capabilities from such platforms as Salesforce, Google, Amazon and Microsoft to deliver solution implementations. While Cloud and Virtualized platforms, Converged Infrastructures, Emergent and Evolutionary Architectures with Microservices and Continuous Delivery are the four pillars of this enterprise transformation, these cannot be delivered without appropriate Platform as a Service infrastructures. From Cloud native and aware monitoring, Identity and Logging infrastructures to application platforms like Salesforce, Pivotal Cloud Foundary and Red Hat Openshift, our experts in infrastructure integration complement our Hybrid cloud platform engineers to deliver a state of the art cloud platform and infrastructures.

Cloud Operations & Management

ITS Agile’s Cloud Operations and Management approach is delivered using Agile principles and based on engineered solutions that lead to efficiencies in operation. The following are some of the functions delivered within this capability.

  • Account & Billing Management: Automated account billing and budget management across all cloud platforms

  • Cloud Security & Boundary Management: Edge and boundary management of devices and infrastructures

  • SLA Management: Service level enforcement and management with defined KPIs

  • Identity Management: User and account management with on boarding processes designed per enterprise standards

  • Vulnerability Management: Security patches and vulnerability management with automated processes built around Configuration Management software

  • Monitoring and Notification: Endpoint and application monitoring integrated to service desk, logging solutions and configuration management engines

  • Incident Response: Security incident response with triage and forensics capability