Data Management Solutions

ITS Agile understands that optimized data management is a core component for every organization. The ability to capture, store, and manage large amounts of data is a complex task, and we have invested years of time and resources in perfecting our data management solutions. The result is that our customers find their high volumes of complex data to be manageable, accessible on demand, and most importantly, secure. We have provided a wide range of data management solutions to multiple customers. At SEC, our services include data analysis/analytics support, asset verification, quality audits as well as data normalization/review/troubleshooting. We perform analysis for data security, process improvement, cyber watch support, statistical and analytical support among other activities. We have assisted multiple federal clients in their desire for implementation of robust eDiscovery solutions and compliance with Presidential Directives on records management.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Business performance relies on operational efficiency. Operational efficiency relies on the right tools, methods, design, and management of key business processes. ITS Agile believes in recognizing the unique environment of our customers and utilizing industry practices in a tailored way. We couple the goals of the organization with analysis of their environment to achieve critical success metrics. At SEC, our Business Analysts are trained to review existing processes and assess needs for improvement. We meet with the stakeholders to interview and gather information on business and organizational requirements. Once needs are identified, a systematic gap determination review is conducted and an as-is vs. to-be analysis is performed. We then prepare detailed options of how improvements can be implemented with pros and cons of each approach. Once the decision is made by the customer, we help them create the technical solutions with improved process and efficiencies.

Legal Technology Solutions

Legal Technology is a specific area of expertise that requires specialized focus and capability to provide attorneys, case management teams, and IT staff with high-quality and timely work. The ITS Agile team has experience managing and supporting various legal technology tools like Relativity, Recommind, Clearwell, Ipro eCapture, Nexidia, iConnect, Concordance, Summation, and CaseMap. We are well versed in federal regulations and the ever-increasing demand for automation of legal processes, steep rise in volumes of electronic data and the growth of large-scale and complex litigations. We collaborate with each customer to address the challenges that come with quick and sudden growth of electronically stored information. We ensure fast and accurate support in tight deadlines while adhering to the detailed quality control measures. Through our years of experience at DOJ, CFPB, and other agencies, we understand the legal technology market, its nuances, and its trends. We have specific experience evaluating and recommending COTS products, as well as customizing them to meet each specific agency’s needs. Any professional deployed to lead this specific type of project is certified in at least one litigation technology and has served as an advisor to their respective customer when navigating the litigation and eDiscovery technology arena.

Records Management

As agencies amass large amounts of data and security concerns with data take top priority, agencies need to transform their Records Management program to comply with OMB and NARA’s Records Management directives and align with the Presidential Memo. ITS Agile helps reduce the burden faced by individual personnel in the execution of record management responsibilities by creating an agency-wide strategy and directives. This has helped our customers enable revision of Records Control Schedules and clean-up and disposal of contents (e.g., duplicates, beyond retention requirements) helping reduce the space and cost required as well improving the security posture of the agency.  We are skilled in gathering requirements, understanding the laws, policies and guidelines and merging those with the customer expectations to meet the customer needs while being complaint. We design and implement cataloguing and classification schemes. Our experts create a step by step workflow process and procedure for records retention and destruction that includes training of each team member working on the project.