Learning & Training

ITS Agile believes that continuous professional training is a critical component of well-versed and successful professionals. Customers demand high performance of their project teams. Our training professionals design, develop, and implement comprehensive and customized training programs using the latest technologies and industry proven methods.

Instructional Systems Design

ITS Agile’s unique approach produces a roadmap that is conducive to a customer’s environment as well as their staff. We believe that learning can and should be achieved through formal and informal methods and environments to reach every type of learner and maximize success of a program. We apply a systematic process to review a customer’s training needs, current programs, and ultimate goals. The outcome is an industry standardized and mission-customized effective training program. We utilize the ADDIE model in unison with other models such as Rapid Application Development (RAD) and the Successive Approximation Model (SAM) to tailor and modify design, content and delivery to suit user needs.

Training Program Management

Often, agencies rely on outside consultants with specialized experience to create, manage, monitor, and execute their training programs. This approach allows for an objective and experienced team to provide a fresh perspective on effective training. Whether individual training or team training, ITS Agile uses best practices, new technologies, and innovative methods to develop end-to-end training programs that meet critical goals of our clients. We have managed customized training programs for our federal clients that included curriculum design, material design, learning management portal updates, and delivery. Using project management principles and methodologies, we create in-depth schedules and manage risks. ITS Agile’s approach has been proven successful, especially during implementation of a hyper-care training program in which town halls, desk-side, conference style, small focus group, computer-based and self-help training were utilized based on the complexity of topic, size of user community, and need. Our methods were tested on a pilot group, improved upon by user feedback, delivered to 3000+ users, and followed with post-training surveys.

Curriculum Development

Whatever our client’s needs, ITS Agile offer curriculum design and development of any scale. Whether it be online, computer based, or teacher led, we ensure that all support materials for instructors and students meet client requirements. When FDA implemented their new Informatics platform, we designed 96 Computer-Based Training (CBT) courses, created Training Manuals and delivered role-based training to over 3000 users. The training covered stakeholders across multiple centers of FDA and was customized for specific system user roles. ITS Agile understands the scope of the required training and work with the subject matter experts to collect pertinent details which are utilized by our staff to design the flow of training. Using ADDIE, multiple reviews and implementations to pilot groups lead to the refined, mature curriculum that is delivered to the end users.